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Map Illustration

Need a map for your fantasy novel? I’d love to work with you! My style is unique to each and every map, tailored to your story.

I Am the Crown

Mikaela Rose

Monsters Born and Made

Tanvi Berwah

The Magicals Alliance series

Tim Tong

Secret of the Shadow Beasts

Diane Magras

The Vines

Shelley Nolden

In Pursuit of Jefferson

Derek Baxter

The Hive Queen

Robin Kirk

The Wolf of Cape Fen

Juliana Brandt

Of Liars and Thieves

Gabriela Quinones

Beyond the Tower

JacQueline Roe

Holindrian & the Human Revolution

Macaulay Christian

Kingdom of Exiles

Maxym M. Martineau

Conventionally Yours

Annabeth Albert

The Storm Crow

Kalyn Josephson

Scritch Scratch

Lindsay Currie

The Arctic Fury

Greer Macallister

The Last Dog on Earth

Adrian J. Walker

The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

Stuart Turton

Work with me

As a writer myself, I know that world-building is a work of love. It’s personal. And I want to do whatever I can to bring your work to life.


First, we talk strategy

What genre will the map fall under—high fantasy, contemporary, historical? Do you have any examples of maps that you've seen that you like? What locations will be labeled?

And specs like:

  • black and white vs. full color
  • 2-page spread or 1 page
  • trim size

Next, is the sketch

I'll draw a sketch with basic type in black and white. Providing feedback in a sketch stage helps ensure that the final result is solid and saves on rounds of revisions.

lastly, the Final draft

In a few weeks, I'll send the final map for review. You'll copyedit and provide any feedback, and we'll make revisions until you are completely satisfied.


How long will it take?

Map illustration can take anywhere from 15–40 hours total, spread over 2-8 weeks. I'm flexible and will do my best to work out a schedule that meets your needs. If it's a rush job, I may ask for an additional fee. The sooner we start working, the better!


The not so fun part

I charge a flat fee for all map illustration, to be paid upon completion. This fee is calculated with an hourly rate and the estimated hours for the project, which I'll provide in a quote.

I understand that budgets can be tight. So whatever your budget may be, we can negotiate on the scope of the project—for example level of detail, full color vs black and white—to adjust how many hours the project will take. The important thing is, I want to work with YOU!

Still here?

and we'll get started by discussing your map project.

Book Design

  • All
  • Cover
  • Internal
  • Everything Else

Dinos in Space

Cover Design


Cover Design

Pallet Display

Little Local Farms

Logo Design

Listen & Learn sound books

Cover Design

Read Harder

eBook Cover Design & Illustration

Color & Learn

Cover Design

The Sand Bucket List

Cover Design

The Sand Bucket List

Internal Design

Big Beautiful series

Cover Design

I Love You More than a Purple Moose

Cover Design

Sticker & Learn

Cover Design

Best Friends

Cover Design

Sticker & Learn

Internal Design

Tailored Book Recommendations

Online Ad Design

How to Build an Elf Trap

Internal Design

Love from Sesame Street

Cover Design

Happy Birthday

Internal Design


Cover Design

Beautiful to Me

Album Art

Big Book of Learning Fun

Cover Design

Girl Without a Light


Biggest Books

Cover Design

The Storm Crow

Internal Design

Grandma Loves Me 123

Cover Design

Super Smart

Cover Design

Elevation Farms

Logo Design

Brain Booster

Cover Design

Coloring Books

Cover Design

Amazon A+ Page

Baseball Activity Book

Internal Design

Binge Watch


Mask of Shadows

Internal Design



Saves the Day

Cover Design

Activity Book

Internal Design

Cross + Heart

Album Art

We are Lost and Found

Internal Design

Dad Jokes

Internal Design

This Day in Science Calendar

Cover Design

Girl Who Spoke to the Moon

Cover Design


I love books. So I make them.

I am a book designer and map illustrator with a passion for children's, middle grade, and young adult books. My experience in publishing has given me the opportunity to work on NYT bestsellers, as well as licensed books for Sesame Street, Disney, and Marvel.

I also write young adult novels! My work is represented by Zoe Plant at the Bent Agency. Someday soon, I will have book announcements to share, but to do that, I need to stop building this website and actually work on revisions.

Maps in Books

Hours Drawing other Worlds

Tiny Trees Drawn